Web Design & Development

I’m a freelance web designer and developer based in south London. I have a track record of creating and maintaining a series of successful small business websites.

I can provide you with a modern, well-structured and mobile-friendly website to promote your products or services. My approach is to concentrate on communicating your message clearly and effectively rather than on pointless gimmicks.

I can also assist you with overhauling an existing website or adding new features and content.

See some examples of sites I have worked on below.

Kate Eyre Garden Design website design

Kate Eyre Garden Design

Kate Eyre Garden Design asked me to create a new  website to promote and showcase their work. The design was mine, with some input from Kate, and a few design elements carried over from the previous site.

Darwin Tree Services website design

Darwin Tree Services

This was the second website I had done for Darwin Tree Services. Visual design partially by myself with graphic design contribution from Tania Hurt-Newton.
Chris Scott Architects website design

Chris Scott Architects

I put together this website for Chris Scott to promote his architectural services in South-East London. Visual design largely by the client with input from myself.

Green Stripe Accounting website

Green Stripe Accounting

This site was for Green Stripe Accounting who offer a range of accountancy services for sole traders and small businesses. Design largely mine with input from the client.

When I qualified as a web developer, most websites were manually coded. These days I use Wordpress, which facilitates production and maintenance, and can also allow you to carry out updates on your site yourself if you so wish.

However, my coding skills mean that I am able to carry out customizations to Wordpress themes and templates which may be needed, as well as changes to the look and design. And of course I can maintain websites that still use static HTML rather than a CMS.

Other related services I can assist with are moving a website from one hosting provider to another, copy-writing and logo design. I can also make recommendations for purchasing and setting up domains.

Website Optimization and SEO

When I create a site from scratch, it will be with SEO and search engine rankings in mind from the start. In my opinion, web designers who pay no attention to this are only doing half their job. After all, what is the point of having a website if nobody is going to see it?

After your site is up and running, I can provide an ongoing monitoring and update service if desired. This can be beneficial because it is impossible to know in advance how well a site will rank in search results.

If you have an existing site that has been poorly assembled, such that it’s confusing for users or does not appear in search results, I can assess it and, depending on the site, overhaul and optimise it (what is loosely termed “SEO”). It’s worth bearing in mind the limitations of this though, and there are no guarantees. These days, search result rankings are largely dependent on content quality. Gone are the days of poor content ranking well through manipulative SEO techniques.

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Areas I cover

Very often website work does not require a physical meeting. If one is required however, I am based in Streatham, South London, and cover the boroughs of Lambeth, Wandsworth and Southwark.

If you’re a small business or sole trader in South London and looking for some help with setting up a new website, or with maintaining an existing one, feel free to get in touch.